The Sigma Area


The Sigma flood plain aims to prevent flooding through the use of the Sigma Plan. The Durme and Scheldt are given plenty of space in several places to overflow their banks without detrimental consequences for the local population. The Sigma Plan combines flood prevention with environmental development, creating unique walking/hiking opportunities.

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Bank walks will take you through four Sigma areas


During the first phase of the Sigma Plan, this area in Tielrode was transformed into a 97-hectare flood plain, surrounded by a dike which was lowered on the river side. As a result, the water from the Scheldt flows into the polder during a storm surge.

The Polders of Kruibeke

The polders form the largest flood plain in Flanders. The 600-hectare area will be completed in 2017, capitalising on three important assets, namely safety, the environment, and recreation.


According to the plans, the Schouselbroek in Temse and Steendorp would become a controlled flood plain with tidal nature areas. Valuable mudflats and salt marshes will be created as a result of the tides.

The Durme Valley

This valley is made up of several smaller flood plains. The Sigma Plan provides additional water storage, tempers the flow of the tides upstream, and improves the drainage of the hinterland.